Design Team Valhalla were a project that i started 2017. 
After a last minute heart surgery i had a very hard time getting back to my old work as an tattoo artist, i bought an ipad and i used it for drawing as a form of therapy, i were totally stuck and i have been drawing constantly since that period. Now i work full time with this and i love it. I have met wonderful people from all over the world, i am grateful for all of your positive and creative feedback, and i am doing my best  here to continue delivering good references and material for reasonable prices. The products available here is the work from years of drawing, i am trying to go back and update and keep the bundles up to date and release new fun ideas and if you have any questions just send me a message and i will get back as fast as i can

Stay humble,creative and lots of love from sweden 🇸🇪❤️

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